Atomic Habits by James Clear

"With same habits, you will end up with the same results. But with better habits, anything is possible". This book has changed my perspective in life about my goals, habits and behavior. It has inspired me to start new habits that matter to me the most. And to be consistent in doing it each day, … Continue reading Atomic Habits by James Clear


Custom Template Tags and Filters in Django


Custom Template Tags/Filters are necessary when there is a need to modify the object received from views context, such that it suits the needs of rendering them in the template. Django’s out-of-the-box tags/filters might not always suffice. The custom tag/filter can be registered in Django’s tags or filters Library and used in the templates. Let’s learn something about writing our own tags and filters. Let me start off from the beginning:

  • Create a new Django Project:
django-admin startproject <proj_name>

  • Create an app in the project:
python startapp temptags

  • Add the App to INSTALLED_APPS in
  • Create a templatetag folder inside the app folder.
  • Create a file to treat the folder as python package.
  • Create a ‘templates’ folder to add the html files
from django.urls import pathfrom . import views

urlpatterns = [path('',views.sampleTemptag),]

from django.shortcuts import render

def sampleTemptag(request):
    context = {
        "name": "My name is Agnes.000123",
        "id": "89752358-1234",
        "fullname": "Agnes George Sequera"}
    return render(request,'main.html',context)

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Book reading

The first book I read was a short story - Quiver Full of Arrows by Jeffery Archer. It is a very small book. Each short story is no more than a few pages long. I considered finishing this first book as a great achievement. 🙂 At first, my reading pace used to be very slow. … Continue reading Book reading

South Indian Filter Coffee

Having Coffee from this traditional brass cup tastes even better! My weekend began with this wonderful cup of magic. Hope you have a great weekend ahead!

Where the Sky meets the Ocean…

A memorable trip and a memorable picture…


This is from my trip to the Andamans, on a peaceful beach, away from the crowd, traffic and pollution. The tranquil waters has a great influence, making you feel one with the nature. I wish we had more of such clean, blissful places around us.

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How to Talk so Little Kids will Listen By Joanna Faber & Julie King

If you have a toddler at home, this book is for you. There are lots of tools and techniques that could come handy while dealing with tantrums or handling kid's emotions. At the least, it makes you feel better when you know that you are not the only one going through all this!! The book … Continue reading How to Talk so Little Kids will Listen By Joanna Faber & Julie King