Home Front by Kristin Hannah

This book is about Love and War! It is about the hardships a woman serving in the Army undergoes. About balancing the needs of her family and the demands of her job.

When I was first recommended this book and I happened to read the synopsis, it didn’t really sound very extraordinary. But once i read about 10 pages i couldn’t put the book down. Kristin has a really charming way of taking the reader through the plot. Within no time I had started associating with the characters in the book.


The book talks about war and about what the soldiers in the US Army went through, both at war and after returning from the horrors of the battle at Iraq. Kristin seems to have done her research to understand the plight of these soldiers in coming back to normal life after returning from war. She also addresses Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD, and the kind of help needed upon their return from duty.

The story is about a couple having two kids who have lost their way over 12 years of marriage. The Author gives equal regard to every Point of View perfectly. Only a lot of research could have justified the characters to this extent and no doubt Kristin, being a lawyer by profession, has done a great job at it.

Kristin rightly says “It requires as much commitment and honor to hold a marriage together as to go off to war”.

A great book that everyone can relate to!


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