Book reading

The first book I read was a short story – Quiver Full of Arrows by Jeffery Archer. It is a very small book. Each short story is no more than a few pages long. I considered finishing this first book as a great achievement. 🙂

At first, my reading pace used to be very slow. I used to read a word at a time, joining them meaningfully into a sentence. Sometimes also re-reading a sentence to understand the meaning the author is trying to put forth. Each author has his/her own style of writing. Some are not so easy to understand for beginners. Eventually, my reading pace improved significantly. I could skim through a sentence and grasp the meaning of it. Brain could basically fill-in the unread words. It was possible mostly because I made it a point to read at least a few pages everyday before going to bed. I also have a day in a week where I read books most part of my day.

Some books have changed my life significantly and have given me a new perspective of looking at things. Books are the best investments ever made.

Happy Reading!! 📚


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