JavaScript Quick Revision – 3

Topics Covered JS EngineV8 Browser ArchitectureConcurrency Model in JSHigher Order FunctionsMap, Filter and Reduce JS Engine Javascript Runtime Environment is a container which has everything required to run a JS code. Every Browser has a JS Runtime Environment. Node.js has its own runtime environment. Javascript Runtime Environment commonly has the following components: Javascript EngineAPIs that … Continue reading JavaScript Quick Revision – 3


JavaScript Quick Revision – 2

Topics Covered: ClosureSetTimeoutAll About functions: Function StatementExpression & DeclarationAnonymous FunctionsNamed function expressionParameters & ArgumentsFirst class functionsArrow functionsCallback FunctionsEvent ListenersEvent Loop Closure Closures are functions bundled with (along with) its lexical scope. When Functions are returned, they still maintain their Lexical scope. function x() { var a = 10; //same if let return function y() { … Continue reading JavaScript Quick Revision – 2

React Native – Introduction

React Native is an open-source UI framework used to develop mobile applications. It provides the capability to use the React framework along with native platform capabilities. React Native can be used for building both iOS and Android apps. However if you directly have to talk to the native APIs you will have to go with … Continue reading React Native – Introduction

JavaScript Quick Revision-1

Topics Execution ContextCall StackHoistingUndefined vs not definedwindow objectLoosely/weakly typedLexical EnvironmentScope ChainTemporal Dead zone (let & const)Common Error TypesBlock ScopeShadowing Execution Context and Call Stack: Execution context is made of two components: Memory or Variable Environment: Stores variables as Key-Value pairsCode or Thread execution: Executes code line by line There are two phases of JS program … Continue reading JavaScript Quick Revision-1

Paneer Veg Biryani

Ingredients Basmati Rice (any other rice will also do) - 500gmsVegetables of your choice (steamed) - Carrot, Potato, Beans, PeasPaneer - 200gmsGinger - 50gms Garlic - 25gms (freshly ground paste)Whole spices - 1 Bay leaf, 4 cloves, 1 inch cinnamon stick, 3 cardamomOnions - 3 (medium sized - juliennes)Tomato - 3 (medium sized)Curd - 100 … Continue reading Paneer Veg Biryani

Update: Syngonium

Syngonium Cream allusion with Pink veins A new addition to my humble terrace garden! Update: This is how it looks now, about 1 year 3 months later:

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo A few tips for care: Light: Lucky bamboo needs to be kept in a place where there is ample amount of air flow. It prefers mild or indirect sunlight. Watering: Ensure the root tips are dipped in water. Always prefer using purified water instead of tap water. The plant might not be capable … Continue reading Lucky Bamboo

Stuffed Bitter Gourd Fry

Here's my version of stuffed bitter gourd fry: Ingredients: Bitter GourdGroundnutsCoconutRed chillyCurry leavesTurmericGaram masala powderCoriander powderSaltVegetable Oil Add a teaspoon of oil and fry Groundnuts, coconut, red chilly and curry leaves Add them to a mixer jar along with Coriander powder, garam masala (spice) powder, turmeric and salt Grind it into a coarse powder (not … Continue reading Stuffed Bitter Gourd Fry