Update: Syngonium

Syngonium Cream allusion with Pink veins A new addition to my humble terrace garden! Update: This is how it looks now, about 1 year 3 months later:

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo A few tips for care: Light: Lucky bamboo needs to be kept in a place where there is ample amount of air flow. It prefers mild or indirect sunlight. Watering: Ensure the root tips are dipped in water. Always prefer using purified water instead of tap water. The plant might not be capable … Continue reading Lucky Bamboo


Peace lily

New addition to my home garden is this lovely indoor plant - Spathiphyllum or commonly called peace lily. It's attractive white flowers are enchanting. Spathiphyllum/Peace Lily

Experimenting with Succulents

The very idea of seeing a plant germinate from a seed and grow has always been very fascinating to me. Caring for plants is truly a great stress-buster. My first ever plant from the Cactus & Succulent family arrived today. I have only had a few easy to grow plants. This is going to be … Continue reading Experimenting with Succulents