Docker Compose – Containerizing a Django Application

In the previous blog: Docker – Deep Dive, we created a Dockerfile with a set of instructions, started a service and create a container. Actual Projects are usually much more complex and require more than one services at a time running on multiple containers. Docker Compose handles exactly this. Docker Compose is a tool to configure … Continue reading Docker Compose – Containerizing a Django Application


Docker – Deep Dive

Docker – Introduction covered the evolution, the need for Docker and the reason why it is widely used. This post will be a deep dive into the concepts of Docker and it's practical use cases. This post covers everything required to create an image and run an application using docker. The OS I have chosen … Continue reading Docker – Deep Dive

Docker – Introduction

Let's start by looking back on how applications were hosted and how it has evolved. Initially, we had one application running on a single server with its own dedicated memory, CPU and disk space. This model proved to be highly costly in order to host high load applications. Virtual Machine Next, we moved to Virtual … Continue reading Docker – Introduction