JavaScript Quick Revision – 3

Topics Covered JS EngineV8 Browser ArchitectureConcurrency Model in JSHigher Order FunctionsMap, Filter and Reduce JS Engine Javascript Runtime Environment is a container which has everything required to run a JS code. Every Browser has a JS Runtime Environment. Node.js has its own runtime environment. Javascript Runtime Environment commonly has the following components: Javascript EngineAPIs that … Continue reading JavaScript Quick Revision – 3


JavaScript Quick Revision – 2

Topics Covered: ClosureSetTimeoutAll About functions: Function StatementExpression & DeclarationAnonymous FunctionsNamed function expressionParameters & ArgumentsFirst class functionsArrow functionsCallback FunctionsEvent ListenersEvent Loop Closure Closures are functions bundled with (along with) its lexical scope. When Functions are returned, they still maintain their Lexical scope. function x() { var a = 10; //same if let return function y() { … Continue reading JavaScript Quick Revision – 2

JavaScript Quick Revision-1

Topics Execution ContextCall StackHoistingUndefined vs not definedwindow objectLoosely/weakly typedLexical EnvironmentScope ChainTemporal Dead zone (let & const)Common Error TypesBlock ScopeShadowing Execution Context and Call Stack: Execution context is made of two components: Memory or Variable Environment: Stores variables as Key-Value pairsCode or Thread execution: Executes code line by line There are two phases of JS program … Continue reading JavaScript Quick Revision-1