Serverless is a cloud-computing execution model that dynamically manages resources. It is categorized as FaaS or Function as a Service Solution. The idea is to create an abstract functionality which is available "on-demand". Cloud Platforms bill only for the time of execution of the functionality. Serverless model reduces Operation cost, complexity of provisioning servers and maintaining … Continue reading Serverless


Elastic Stack

Server logs contain some of the most valuable and untapped information. Logs are always unstructured and usually makes little sense. Various opportunities of improvement might unveil by deriving insights from them. Elastic Stack or the ELK Stack is the most widely used solution for Log Analysis. It is Open Source and has a massive community pushing … Continue reading Elastic Stack

Build RESTful API in Golang

Welcome again! After learning some Golang, my next experiment was to build APIs. So, here's a blog-post for someone interested in trying it out. The only prerequisite to building RESTful APIs is to know the basics of Golang along with some SQL. Link to my blog-post series on Introduction to Golang may come handy. The code … Continue reading Build RESTful API in Golang


There has been a great deal of talks about Microservice these days. So how exactly is it different from the traditional/monolith architectural design? How is it different from SOA or the Service Oriented Architecture? Here is how I ventured into finding answers to these questions. Microservices in simple words is a way of decentralizing an … Continue reading Microservices